### Sign Up Has Moved! ###

In an effort to stream line the process, please visit to sign up for the Splunk Slack instance.

Splunk has setup a Slack team chat for the Splunk User Group community.  They are inviting everyone that is part of the Splunk User community to join them virtually.  There is a channel dedicated to the Nebraska User Group, #nebraska

If you are not from Nebraska, Splunk’s Slack instance is still for you.  There are over 3,500 people signed up and over 150 different channels.  There are channels dedicated to the User Groups in your area, different Splunk products (security, db connect), food, music, docker, as well as channels to help you out if you are stuck.

If you are a Splunk employee, your email address is white listed.  You can go to and sign up.  If you are not a Splunk employee, please use the above link to request access.   Your information will be reviewed, by an actual human, and you will receive an email when you have been granted access to the Slack instance.  See you online!